When kids see anything even closely resembling a toy, they want to put their hands on it. They want to get it down on the ground and have a great time. Unfortunately, when it comes to Diecast cars, this can be a problem. For many collectors, these are more than just something that looks good on the shelf. They are a collection that needs to be well taken care of and protected in order to retain value. Here are a couple of tips for keeping away theĀ FairfieldCollectibles.com from the collectibles.

Place Items High on Shelves

Younger children like to touch whatever they possibly can within their range of sight. These smaller kids aren’t going to respond to reason when it comes to avoiding Diecast cars. Make sure that the cars are outside of their reach. Even if they are usually displayed in a place of prominence, there is a good chance they are going to be handled if little ones get close. The move only needs to be temporary if kids are coming over for a visit.

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Temporarily Cover Them

If the performance and muscle cars are out of the way, they may still be an issue if a child can see them. Lots of questions will follow about whether or not they can be played with, whether they are for kids, and it isn’t unusual for children to start considering their options when it comes to accessing the cars. In order to avoid the entire situation, consider covering the cars up with something as simple as a towel or a sheet when the little ones are planning to make an appearance. The old adage, “out of sight, out of mind,” often holds true in these scenarios. This will prevent any interest in the cars and provide a little extra peace of mind.

Offer and Explanation

Older children are going to be curious. They may not want to play with the cars, but there’s a good chance they want to know more about them. Consider explaining what the cars are and even offer an explanation as to why the fifties classic cars are not for kids to touch or play with. Kids that are old enough to reason with may find themselves interested in the cars, how they are made, and the value they possess. This is a great opportunity to pass on knowledge of the cars to a younger generation gain a new perspective into collectibles.